The Gree are Back!

The Gree event is starting today, and will run until March 3rd. I like this event for a couple of reasons. First, I get to spend time on Illum one of the most beautiful planets in the game. Second, it offers some incredible rewards. I got the Cyan Sphere during the Lifeday event, so I won’t be pursuing a mount this week.

Nope, my goal for this week will be to pick up one or two legacy off-hands, and a light saber.

They’re the only items which I don’t have a legacy item to pass around mods, enhancements, etc. I figure I’ll need 34 relics for a main hand and two off hands. I’ve got eight characters and seven days to work with. Oh, and I should be able to finish off my Gree rep. It’s going to be a busy week.

What are your Gree goals?


Monday Musings: Sage Advice

With the double XP weekend long gone, I decide to reroll my Jedi Consular and start from level one.

  • The Jedi Consular I got to 60 last weekend is a Shadow, and I don’t like it.
  • I knew that going Shadow would be a risk, but I really wanted to try something different. I did this knowing that I usually don’t like melee and DOT classes.
  • My Shadow is Serenity which isn’t terrible, but try as I might, I just don’t enjoy playing it.
  • My Lightning Sorcerer is my second favorite Advanced class, so you can imagine how I might enjoy a Telekinetics Sage.
  • If I could change Advanced Classes without having to reroll I would do it in a heartbeat.
  • I’d pay real money to have that capability.
  • I don’t think we’ll ever see Advanced Class changes make it to the game.
  • If BioWare was going to introduce that as a feature, they would have made it part of the Discipline changes they rolled out in Shadow of Revan.
  • It would still be nice if it were a feature though, but one that would need restrictions.
  • The ability to change Advanced Classes at will would be stupid. It would negate the need to have Advanced Classes altogether. It would be like having a class with five disciplines.
  • It would be very confusing to new players and, depending on the class, confusing this old player as well.
  • I like having the Advanced Class choice be meaningful, but sometimes you make a mistake and it would be nice to correct it easily.
  • I’d put a six month cooldown per toon, and I’d charge a lot for it. At least $25.00 worth of coins.
  • I would also make it so that all it does is change your Advanced Class and give you the default items that you receive when first choose your Advanced Class.
  • That’s it. You’re on your own for getting gear and whatever else you need.
  • Since there is no Advanced Class change in the game, I was forced to create a new character if I wanted a Sage, and I wanted a Sage.
  • My Sage is about to ding level 20, and is working her way through Taris.
  • Ugh. Taris.
  • Did I mention the Consular story is my least favorite?
  • I hate that I will have played through this story twice, while only playing the Trooper and Imperial Agent stories once. Those are two of my favorites.
  • I’ve done the Bounty Hunter, Jedi Knight, and Sith Inquisitor twice.
  • The Jedi Knight and Sith Inquisitor stories are my two favorites. The Consular is definitely my least favorite.
  • It’s been a while since I truly leveled a character from scratch where I didn’t have much for bonuses.
  • I’m using XP boosts plus the 10% guild boost. It’s obviously nothing compared to the 12x XP. That’s another feature I’d pay money for.
  • The goal of leveling these days is either to experience the class story, or get to the end-game ASAP.
  • With two level cap expansions, the original game is no longer the focus of players.
  • I do like that fact that if you choose not use XP boosts or join a guild, or use Treek or HK, you can experience the leveling just as it was when the game launched. I have no desire to do this, but it’s nice to know that you could.
  • Despite it not be a double XP weekend, there were a lot of players still leveling toons.
  • PROTIP: Most planets will have more than one active instance. If you happen to be on an instance with a lot of players consider switching. Much nicer playing on an instance with 20 people versus 150.
  • I decided to go down the path of the Dark Side this time. I don’t like it. Being a Dark Side Consular not about being evil or even Sith like. There’s no style to it at all. My Dark Side Inquisitor was deliciously evil. My Consular is just a dick. I don’t think I’ll see the Dark Side through on this one.
  • I picked up Treek right away. Holy Hell is she overpowered.
  • She and I breezed through the Esseles flashpoint. I was surprised to realize that it was the first time I’d ever done that flashpoint. Very high quality stuff there.
  • Treek makes soloing some of the Heroic 4 missions feasible at level.
  • For class missions and story I use Qyzen, and for everything else Treek.
  • I’ve also been using Treek as tank, and not a healer. Still very much OP right now.
  • Level 12 for the Consular is a seminal moment. It’s when you get Forcequake. I liken this to Vanilla WoW when you got your first pet as Hunter at level 10.
  • Forcequake + Treek = AMAZING.
  • Eventually I’ll have to upgrade Treek’s gear to keep up, but for now she’s doing just fine.
  • Upgrading gear is one of things I truly hate about leveling.
  • I think that would be awesome and make for a much smoother leveling experience.
  • As it is now, I’m stopping to craft mods and enhancements so that I have decent gear to work with.
  • By the way, low level +41 stat crystals are awesome.
  • I’ll probably outfit this Consular in Shatele San’s armor. I broke down and added it to my collection.
  • I’m happy to say that I made back the 7 million credits and then some that I spent on the armor last weekend.
  • Well, time to trudge through Taris.

May the Force Be With You!


Manaan, Manaan Doot-Doot-Do-Do-Do

In the latest Producer’s Roadmap 2015 it was mentioned that another stronghold is planned for later this year. This got me thinking about a couple of things. First, where will this new stronghold be, and second where would I like to live?

If I were a gambling man I would lay all my Sabacc cards on the table and bet that the new stronghold will be on Alderaan. It’s the most neutral of the planets in the game. It’s where the Treaty of Coruscant was signed, and it hasn’t been ravaged by the Empire or the Republic. As a long-term investment property to hand down to future generations Alderaan is not ideal, but there are arguably some beautiful places that one could live there for now.

Despite that fact that it’s doomed for destruction it’s a just a better choice for a stronghold that the rest of the core worlds. Sure the real estate prices on Corellia are great if you’re a buyer willing to hold onto it while you wait for a post war boon, but as a place to live today? I’d rather be chained to a Hutt and live in one of their palaces.

Balmorra is equally bad as Corellia. Belsavis is a prison. Taris is full of Rakghouls. Hoth and Illum are too cold for my tastes. Although Illum is a damn beautiful planet. You might be able to talk me into buying a winter getaway there.

Quesh is toxic. Hutta is full of Hutts, although owning Hutt palace would be cool. We just bombed the crap out of Korriban and Tython so those are out.

I just think Alderaan is it. That said, i’m not sure Alderaan is attractive enough to make me want to shutdown one of my other strongholds and go live there. I’ll reserve final judgement once I know exactly what the next stronghold will be.

Now if it were up to me, and sadly it is not, I would choose to live on Manaan. It’s one of my favorite planets in the game. It’s so peaceful and relaxing. Everything looks clean, the music is soothing. The fountains are beautiful. It’s just a wonderful place, and one where I would love to chill after a hard day of slaughtering the galaxy’s denizens. Granted every time I hear a Selkath speak I want to drive a pencil through my eardrums, but they wouldn’t be part of the stronghold.

I’m imagining a three tiered, circular over the water stronghold with an enclosed upper level with lots of windows, a 360 degree balcony, and an underwater aquarium level with giant windows so you could watch the incredible sea life. I’d spend all my free time there.

I think the next stronghold will be Alderaan, but I’d pay handsomely for Manaan.

Where would you like to live next?


Monday Musings: Lonely Hearts Club

Double XP meant double the fun this weekend as I got both my Smuggler and Jedi Counselor to level 60.

  • This is now eight level 60 characters, one of each class for the Empire and the Republic.
  • I have a Powertech, and Inquisitor at level 55, but outside of Crew Skills, there’s no real need for me to level them up.
  • I guess BioWare figures a lot of the playerbase are single and available since they released double XP on Valentines weekend?
  • As if double XP wasn’t enough to keep us occupied, they also brought back Bounty week.
  • They must really think we’re lonely.
  • I enjoyed the double XP, although it’s not as good at 12x XP.
  • If it were up to me I would replace double XP weekends  with 12x XP weekends.
  • If it had been a 12x XP weekend I  would have leveled characters below level 55. Double XP was not enough incentive for me to do that.
  • I’d also like to see them add a GSI bolster to all the planets like they did on Makeb.
  • One of the things I hate about leveling lower toons is that you have to keep them geared or you’ll get your butt handed to you.
  • Whenever there’s accelerated XP gains, your gear becomes obsolete faster. It’d be nice not to have to fuss with that as you level.
  • Let’s face it, with two level cap increases the original game is no more. This is not unique to SWTOR. WoW suffered a similar fate.
  • Players need a means to get to level 60 quickly, and have fun doing it.
  • 12x XP and planetary bolsters are the way to go.
  • Now that I have eight level 60s, I don’t know what I’m going to do with all of these characters.
  • I’ve taken a very casual approach to the game this time around. I’ve only set foot in an Operation once, and haven’t run any hard mode flashpoints yet.
  • I know why I haven’t done the Ops. I don’t have time in my schedule to commit to it.
  • I’m not sure why I haven’t done the flashpoints though. Part of it is I’ve heard they’re hard, and the other part is I play DPS and don’t like the long queue waits.
  • I assume the queues are still long for DPS. I can’t say for sure since I haven’t queued for anything yet.
  • I really would like to start collecting elite comms and getting the 192 gear though. Maybe this week I’ll give the HM FPs a go.
  • Since I’m not running Ops or FPs, I’ve been mostly running Yavin IV dailies and working on crew skills.
  • I’ve got all the crafting professions to 500 except Cybertech.
  • I’ve got all the missions up to 500 except for Investigation.
  • I have all of the gathering skills to 500 as well.
  • I’m not very balanced with my Crew Skills though. I have too much redundancy with gathering, and not enough coverage with the mission skills.
  • I’d like to drop some gathering for mission skills so I can better my chances of getting grade 11 artifacts.
  • It’s funny, I never realized how ridiculously over powered that slot machine was until I started crafting items that used grade 11 artifacts.
  • How the slot machine ever made it to the live game in that state is beyond me.
  • I’ve been playing the GTN a lot more this expansion.
  • I sold a few steady items in Rise of the Hutt Cartel, but now I’m branching out.
  • When you don’t run Ops and FPs, you have a lot of time to craft and sell stuff.
  • I currently have more credits than I need, but less credits than I want.
  • My goal is to have 100 million credits on hand.
  • There’s no reason to have 100 million credits, other than to tell people you have 100 millions credits.
  • I hope to be able to tell you that one day.
  • As of a few hours ago I was more than half way to that goal with 53.6 million credits in hand, but then I bought stuff.
  • Specifically I bought Satele Shan’s armor set for my Jedi Counselor.
  • You can get the belt, gloves and pants for almost nothing.
  • The chest and the boots on the other hand…
  • It was 2,800,000 for the chest and 4,500,000 for the boots.
  • I’m feeling a little better about the purchase today. When I checked the GTN this morning there was one chest selling for over 5 million, and no boots for sale.
  • Those are pretty sweet boots though, and those alone might make this worth adding to my account collection.
  • You can add Satele’s armor to the list of uncreative outfits I’ve acquired for my characters. Smuggler – Interstellar Privateer. Jedi – Humble Heroes (i.e., the Luke Skywalker RotJ outfit). Bounty Hunter – Shae Vizla. Sith Warrior – Reaver’s (i.e., Darth Marr like). Sith Inquisitor – Thana Vesh. Anyway, you get the idea.
  • I have made 2 million in sales since buying the set. Like I said when you don’t run FPs or Ops you have a lot of time to craft and sell stuff.
  • I’m now leveraging Biochem, Slicing, Armortech and Synthweaving to craft and sell stuff.
  • I need to take a break from crafting to finish the Revan story on my Smugger and Jedi Counselor.
  • I haven’t gotten to their personal story lines yet, and I can’t wait for that.
  • That’s the one thing that makes repeating the Revan story worthwhile.
  • I’ll have more to say on the Revan story, but I like the Empire’s version better.
  • I really like Darth Marr, and I felt the Republic treated him like crap.
  • Overall I thought the Republic was far more distrusting of the Empire.
  • Satele Shan, who is Marr’s  counterpart was treated with much more respect in the Empire’s version of the story.
  • I liked the Revan story better than the Makeb story, but I thought the Makeb story was done better.
  • Without giving too much away, Makeb was two parallel stories surrounding the same circumstances.
  • Revan is just one story with a version for the Empire and the Republic.
  • It’s up to you to decide which version of the events really happened. There’s no way for both to have occurred.
  • I’m choosing to believe the Empire’s version, because I liked it better.
  • I though the ending of the Revan fight was told better on the Empire’s side than it was on the Republic’s.
  • I didn’t think I had and Imperial bias, but perhaps I do.
  • I know there have been other stories where the Republic and Empire have the same story. The recent Dread Masters storyline comes to mind. Still I prefer the way they did Makeb and wish they would do that for these major stories.
  • I get that it would suck if only one faction got to face off against Revan. Having two different Hutt villains worked, but two different Revans? Actually…
  • I also don’t care for these the enemy of my enemy is my friend stories. It’s okay once in a while, but I much prefer it when the Republic and Empire are fighting one another. We need to get back to more of that.
  • Given how Revan ended, we may have to wait a little bit until that happens, but I’m hopeful they’ll be back to mortal enemies before too long.
  • Well that’s the end of this story for now.

May the Force Be With You!


Double XP Time!

It’s a double XP weekend, starting today at 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST). It’s scheduled to last until February 16th at 12 a.m. PST (3 a.m. EST). Here in the U.S., Monday is a holiday, so it would have been nice if they chose to end it on February 17th. It should still be enough time for me to accomplish my goals which are Smugger from 57-60, Jedi Counselor from 55-60, and Bounty Hunter from 55-60. If I’m not completely burned out by then I may squeeze in a Sith Inquisitor from 55-60.

That will just leave a Jedi Knight sitting at level 44. I’d love to finish her off, but going from 55-60 is a much more manageable affair than 44-60.

As always you can supplement the double XP with an XP boost. On the Shadowlands server the Major XP Boosts are selling for 90K at the low end. The Minor XP boosts sell for around 21K at the low end.

If you don’t want to shell out all those credits you should consider getting some Class Mission XP boosts. The prelude to Revan the main Rishi and Yavin quests are considered class missions. You won’t get the boost for killing stuff or doing side quests, but you will for the main missions. It’s a cheap alternative to that all encompassing XP boosts.

I’ll update on Twitter if/when I level any of these guys up. Almost time to rock ‘n roll here.

What are your plans for this double XP extravaganza?


Roadmap 2015 Update

Remember the other day when I wrote about the SWTOR 2015 Roadmap and I said the following,

“Patch 3.2, which I mentioned is slated for April 28th is introducing the Outfit Designer and a continuing story arc on the planet Ziost. Sounds like a pretty major update to me, but April is not Summer.”

What was it that Han Solo once said? Oh yeah, “You know, sometimes I amaze even myself.” It turns out that Ziost is one of the two major updates that was talked about, and it is indeed targeted for April 28th, which of course is Spring and not Summer.

 Eric Musco

Hey folks,

Did some double and double-double checking. Ziost is indeed one of those big updates and it is currently targeting a spring release. The note of the first update being in the Summer was in error. I let my main man Tait know and he will get it updated shortly. Thanks for the heads up on the discrepancy, good catch!


I’m glad that Eric went an clarified this because I felt like the distinction between expansion, major update, and simple patch was clear as mud. I think I get it now though. Maybe.

Now we just need some details on that Outfit Designer.


SWTOR 2015 Roadmap

EDIT: In the Stronghold section I mentioned that I thought we could have five active Strongholds. That’s not correct. We can have four as noted by my astute readers and this statement from Eric Musco back in July. Sorry for the mess.

I meant to post this two weeks ago, but you know – busy. During the PAX South Cantina Tour there was a reading of Bruce Maclean’s upcoming Producer letter which highlighted key features coming to SWTOR in 2015. All of it subject to change by the way.

Apparently not everyone has seen or read a transcript of the letter, and this has led to some folks having delusions of grandeur on what to expect in 2015.

Shintar from Going Commando took the time to explain why swtor probably won’t have two expansions this year. Not to spoil too much of what she wrote, but the reason why is because they never said that there were two expansions coming.

Remember, rumors are the path to the darkside. Rumors lead to false promises. False promises lead to broken promises. Broken promises lead to nerd rage.

Youtuber Physics Mcawesome (I don’t make names folks), posted a video of the letter being read so you can see first hand what’s being “promised”. Please watch the video, and let’s talk about what’s coming to SWTOR in 2015.

SWTOR Bruce Maclean 2015 letter

A New Stronghold

Galactic Strongholds was released right around the time I was easing back into World of Warcraft so I haven’t spent much time with it. I own one of each stronghold, but I haven’t done any sort of decorating. Right now they serve as a more convenient version of my ships. I setup my Dromund Kaas apartment and Tatooine estate with a mailbox, cargo hold, legacy storage, and GTN kiosk in close proximity to one another.

I’ve unlocked a few rooms, hung a few paintings, and acquired an enormous appreciation for the folks whose job it is setup the world environments in the Old Republic. That’s a post for another day though.

I really like the strongholds, but find them overwhelming, and thus I’ve been hesitant to invest any real time with them. That said, I’d be happy to own another one, and if my math is correct we’re able to have five active strongholds, and this would be number five, so no need to deactivate one.

New Species Torgruta

That’s right, we’re getting a new playable species later this year. I’m betting they’ll do the same thing they did with Cathar and it will be a Cartel Market unlock.

I wasn’t a big fan of Cathar, and I’m not that excited about Torgrutas. Ashara Zavros is a Torgruta and she’s my least favorite companion. I would have much preferred Nautolans as a playable species.

Still I’m glad to see them go with a more alien looking species this time. It’s definitely an improvement over human, blue human, green human, red human, pale human, spikey human, blind human, robot human, and Twi’lek that launched with the game.

Outfit Designer

This featured is targeted for patch 3.2 which they plan to release on April 28th (subject to change of course). No details have been provided on this feature, and I think it behooves BioWare to give the community some information before speculation runs out of control.

It’d be a shame to convince yourself it’s going to be transmogrification like system, only to find out it’s an equipment manager. I’ll be more than happy to speculate, but I’ll keep my expectations in check until I hear something official.

Major Updates and Story

There was mention of two major updates, one in the Summer and one at the end of the year. I have no idea what defines a major update. Part of me wants to think it’s something along the lines of Galactic Starfighter or Galactic Strongholds. Another part of me wants to thinks it’s a patch that introduces a new Operation and new levels of gear and more story.

Patch 3.2, which I mentioned is slated for April 28th is introducing the Outfit Designer and a continuing story arc on the planet Ziost. Sounds like a pretty major update to me, but April is not Summer.

I’m hoping BioWare will publish the letter this week along with more details on what to expect. I’ll be writing about some of these features in more detail this week, so stay tuned.


It’s Crystal Clear to Me Now

If you read yesterday’s Monday Musings post then you saw this brilliant method I devised for creating a cheap and endless supply of color crystals for the arsenal of companions weapons that you will be collecting throughout this expansion. If you’re at all like me and have one of each class and a full compliment of eight companions on each, well that’s 128 crystals that you’ll need. That’s a lot.

My method was simple. Get a cheap Cartel Mark crystal and add it to your account collection for the low price of 60 cc. Some crystals cost a lot more coins to add to a collection, so you can’t grab any random one. The Eviscerating, which give +crit, are reliably cheap to purchase and cheap to add to a collection. Never mind all that though, there’s a smarter way to go about this, which I’ll explain.

Remember in yesterday’s post how I said Sgt. Geiz is an idiot and that he rubs off on those around him? Well to paraphrase George Costanza, “a little respect please, for I am Darkbrew, Lord of the Idiots.” 

What I discovered this morning, is something that I suspect all of you already know. When you use a Cartel Market crystal, it’s automatically added to that character’s collection, meaning that character can generate one at any time.

Since the companion weapons are legacy, you can just send the weapon to the character who owns the crystal, pop it in the weapon and send it to the character who needs it. This works for any legacy weapon by the way and isn’t just a companion thing.

What this means is you can get a Cartel Market crystal of any stat you want, and effectively have it be added to your account collection, without actually adding it your account collection.

Is this an exploit? Is this above board? Is this intended? Is it too good be true? It’s certainly too good be true, and it’s also not an exploit.

 Eric Musco

Correct, using a Legacy Weapon to move a Color Crystal which you pulled down from your Collections UI is not an exploit. This is the case because there is no way to manipulate the system to allow for a large amount of credit gain as there was prior to 2.1.0b.

So other than paying mucho credits to get the color and stats that you want, you don’t have to break the bank getting crystals for all of those companion weapons.

Who knew? I’m guessing you!


Monday Musings: Sgt. Jung Dead. Blast It.

Two more level 60’s this week – Jedi Knight and Trooper. I have my Smuggler and Jedi Counselor remaining, but I’ve already started the daily grind.

  • This bumps my total of level 60 characters to six – Mercenary, Marauder, Sniper, Sorcerer, Sentinel and Commando.
  • I never know whether to refer to my characters by their class or advanced class.
  • WoW has similar issues in terms of Class and Spec, but it doesn’t seem nearly as confusing.
  • I think that’s because I always refer to my WoW character by class. I’m a Hunter. Sometimes I’ll say that I’m specc’ed Beast Mastery or Survival, but I always refer to him as a Hunter.
  • If I’m going to raid, I always say that I’m going to bring my Hunter.
  • In SWTOR it doesn’t make sense to say I’m going to bring my Bounty Hunter or Jedi Knight. You really need to say that you’re bringing your Mercenary or Sentinel.
  • It’s more fun to say I’m a Bounty Hunter or Jedi Knight though.
  • Even referring to you characters by Advanced Class isn’t enough. There are so many hybrids that you also have to refer to them by role.
  • For me that’s easy. I always play DPS. That’s a post for another day. Enough digressing.
  • I mentioned the daily grind at the outset.
  • Six characters is a lot to be doing dailies, and I don’t do them every day on every character.
  • I’m sure there are people that do that, but that’s insane. I’ll burn out in five seconds if I attempt that.
  • I will do the weekly quest on each toon. That companion gear is too good to pass up.
  • I love that I can get a full set of 192 gear for my companions.
  • I like to run around with different companions. Treek and HK-51 are awesome, but I like to change it up once in a while.
  • Now the companion gear you get is Legacy so you can pass it between toons.
  • I considered using one or two toons to get sets for other characters, but that would be a nightmare.
  • Seriously, I started a spreadsheet to track which gear I had, and what I still needed.
  • I’ve since abandoned it because the maintenance was unmanageable.
  • I’ve decided each character to his own. Besides I don’t need to get every companion geared up all at once. I don’t mind waiting several weeks to collect everything.
  • The only downside to the companion gear is that it’s not moddable.
  • I like creating cool looks for my favorite companions, and you can’t do that with this gear.
  • I understand why. You’d have to put in rules that prevented you from created a set of 192 gear for yourself.
  • Still, I like to outfit my favorite companions with a look that suits them or compliments my look.
  • If you’re favorite companions are droids, or Blizz, or Khem Val or Treek then this is the best gear ever.
  • You can only alter the look of those companions with customization kits.
  • I noticed the companion weapons don’t come with color crystals, and you need a crystal for the both the main and off-hand weapons.
  • My solution to this was to buy a cheap cartel market Eviscerating crystal and add it to my collection
  • You see, some of the Eviscerating crystals can be added to your collection for a mere 60 coins. That’s practically nothing.
  • I got a Mint- Green Eviscerating crystal from the GTN for 100K credits and then added it to my collection for 60 coins.
  • Now when I get a new companion weapon I can add a crystal for free.
  • If you care about min/maxing stats and/or the color of blaster bolts and lightsabers you can always get a better crystal, but this was cheap to way to always have and end-game crystal when I needed it.
  • Now as mentioned I’m doing the daily grind on Yavin IV.
  • The quests are well organized and take about an hour to do.
  • I’m guessing about half of that time is spent scavenging stuff.
  • There are plants, metal, crystals and slicing boxes everywhere.
  • I’m addicted to gathering and it takes a lot for me to pass up a node.
  • I love doing the dailies with a slicing toon. I make about 60K extra per daily run.
  • I mentioned that scavenging slows me down. The other thing that slows me down are quest bottlenecks.
  • BioWare still hasn’t figured that players hate these, and they keep introducing them.
  • There is a bonus quest to kill ten Revanite droids. I never complete this one, as there are never enough droids to do it efficiently.
  • Lack of mobs to kill is an unnecessary bottleneck.
  • The quest to kill the Revanite commanders is another one I don’t like. You have to use your macrobinoculars and then destroy a panel to spawn the quest mobs.
  • There’s always somebody doing it and you inevitably have to wait because no one wants to group, and it takes a few minutes for the panel to respawn.
  • Slow respawns is another unnecessary quest bottleneck.
  • The perimeter quest is another one I don’t like. Not because of bottlenecks, but because it’s a lot of running around. There are also tons of nodes to farm in the area of this quest so it’s really slow going.
  • I also do that quest last. In fact I start at the Temple and work my way back.
  • I finish with the perimeter quest and then quick travel to turn them all in.
  • It’s at this point that I usually discover that I haven’t turned in the Stoneray quest to Sgt. Geiz.
  • Sgt. Geiz is an idot by the way. I’ve talked about him before.
  • He’s a soldier that thought he was a biologist.
  • I don’t know if he’s a good soldier, but he was a terrible biologist.
  • For a long time he didn’t consider the Cave Stonerays to be actual Stonerays and wouldn’t give you credit for killing them.
  • He’s since seen the error of his ways, and yet he still stands outside the cave.
  • You have to understand that he’s pretty afraid of the Stonerays. Now when he didn’t know the ones in the cave were actual Stonerays I could understand why he’d sit outside the cave. But now he knows they’re Stonerays.
  • I imagine the Cave Stonerays would want to leave the cave every now and then, and I’m pretty sure that means flying out the cave entrance right by where he’s standing.
  • See, he’s an idiot, and he rubs off on people, and as such I often forget to turn in his quest.
  • The last quest I want to take about is the solo fight with Revan. I hate it.
  • I’m probably just doing it wrong, so tips are welcome.
  • I find that I spend most of the fight knocked down, stunned, and knocked back.
  • I can barely complete a single rotation sequence without getting interrupted.
  • I usually focus on interrupting Revan’s twin-saber throw. I really hate that one.
  • Even with preventing a few of those, I still get tossed about like a rag doll.
  • I know a lot of people like the fight, but I just find it annoying.
  • I really just hate getting interrupted and knocked back by quest NPC’s.
  • The one exception to this are the Revanite Overseers. They have an ability call the Durasteel Punch.
  • If you haven’t let yourself get hit by one of these you really should.
  • It’s an over the top knockback that will send you half way across the Temple courtyard.
  • I’ll go out of my way to try and prevent one from getting off, but I don’t mind if one happens to slip through. It’s ridiculous, but brings a smile to may face every time.
  • Finally, I’ve stopped listening to the daily quest voice dialog. I just turn in the quest and then rocket boost out of listening range.
  • The only exception is Major Tso. He’s the one that says “Sgt. Jung dead. Blast it”.
  • I don’t know what my fascination with that one is. Maybe it’s because I’m 99% sure it’s voiced by Robert Pine who did the voice for Master Orgus Din in the Jedi Knight story. I like that character.
  • He’s also well know for playing the Sgt. on CHiPs, a show I watched as a kid.
  • Well that’s it for this week. I’m off to see if I can Jedi mind trick a Revanite Overseer into delivering Revan one of those Durasteel punches.

May the Force Be With You!


Monday Musings: Lightning Edition

Another week gone by, and another toon leveled to 60. This time it was my lightning specced Sorcerer.

  • I now have four level 60 characters, Mercenary, Marauder, Sniper and now Sorcerer.
  • I do have several pub toons that I’m ready to level, so I hope to get at least one of those done this week.
  • My decision to level my Socerer was once again Crew Skills based.
  • She’s my only Armortech and I wanted to be able craft Reflex and Skill augments. I was mostly looking to get the Reflex augments for my Merc.
  • I’m happy to say that in addition to being level 60, all her Crew Skills are 500. She has the aforementioned Armortech, Scavenging, and Slicing.
  • I like slicing now. Picking up the slicing containers is a nice source of free income.
  • The lockboxes can sometimes be rare quality which isn’t a bad chunk of change.
  • I like the way BioWare has handled income in this game. My Sorcerer started out with 27K credits.
  • She currently has 331K credits, and that’s after spending at least 100K on increasing my inventory, and pulling out all the mods, etc from basic 60 gear and putting those into her outfit.
  • When it comes to outfits I’m somewhat of a walking cliche. My Sorc. is decked out in Thana Vesh’s armor.
  • It’s a great armor set, and as I said somewhat cliche.
  • Actually I suppose it’s more suited for a Sith Warror than an Inquisitor. It does look awesome though.
  • Once again I dinged 60 in the middle of Rishi.
  • I’m always torn between continuing the story or halting everything and doing some housekeeping.
  • I opted to head to the fleet and buy whatever 186 gear that I could.
  • I love that training costs have gone away. The next step will be to automatically give us our abilities when we ding.
  • I do like having a use for my Dr. Oggurobb statue though.
  • The lightning Sorc is one of my favorite advanced classes.
  • It has so much lightning, and it is so much fun.
  • I’ve heard some people say that it a fun class once again.
  • I didn’t know that it had become un-fun.
  • In my defense I didn’t run any Ops. or Flashpoints on her during Rise of the Hutt Cartel.
  • I mentioned that the Lightning Spec has a lot of lighting.
  • Seriously, we’re talking a lot – a lot.
  • According to the guide it looks like it has too much.
  • I noticed that Force Lightning and Shock don’t fit into the PvE single target rotation.
  • I was going to talk about how abilities that aren’t used should be removed, but then I read the tooltips and see how they could fit in with PvP.
  • As a general rule it’s a good idea to read the tooltips on all abilities, talents, etc.
  • After I dinged 59, I started to notice that Affliction was getting refreshed on my targets.
  • I wasn’t sure if this was bug, or something I just didn’t notice before.
  • I could swear that I saw it’s duration running out and having to re-apply it.
  • It turns out at level 59 you gain a passive ability called Charged Reaction. Direct damage from Chain Lightning and Crushing Darkness refreshes Affliction.
  • This plus Force Lightning and Shock not being part of the rotation really makes for a simple and fun rotation for Lightning.
  • Force Storm is pretty awesome too. I think Death from Above has the best AoE animation, but Force Storm is a better AoE ability.
  • Suffice it to say, I’m glad I leveled up my Sorc. and will definitely do more with her this time around.
  • If you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to the story. I’ve a bit of rescuing to do, and I’ve let certain people remain captive longer than they should.

May the Force Be With You!